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With the amazing results you can get with video ads, we at Griffin Media Publishing hope that you won’t miss making use of this powerful trend to get more traffic, leads and sales!

Video is a trend, because it works! But even though it is proven and effective, many people can’t get off the ground with it. The thing is, not just any video is suitable for an ad. Different videos are designed based on where they will be used. Businesses notoriously select the wrong kind of ad for video campaigns, then their promotional videos underperform.

Video marketing that works starts with a strategic plan from start to finish. Video will grab attention as a medium, but if the message does not suit the platform, it will not get clicks or conversions.

Your video needs to have a message that is properly designed and converts.  Too often videos are not making the most of opportunities to convert the prospect to a lead.

The Challenges of Video Marketing

It’s A Complicated Puzzle

Videos are a visual art form. Those at the top of the trend are always up to date with the latest designs. Effective use of color and motion in video design is important in drawing the viewer in, and with a professional design team, you will find it easy to stand out from your competition using outdated and boring videos.

With Video Marketing, there are many moving parts. It really is a complicated puzzle to master. That’s why we work with a team that covers the whole spectrum, from copywriting to graphic design, through to SEO, PPC and social media experts. Effective use of video is about applied expertise through each and every aspect of the whole.

Total Video Marketing Solution

We at Griffin Media Publishing found video marketing to be so effective that we were able to build total video marketing packages for our clients and actually guarantee a set number of leads per month.  It is so effective that we are able to model our pricing on performance rather than in consultancy, adspend, and design, creation and copywriting expenses.  In our service, in addition to setup and management of your paid traffic campaigns, we include design of your video marketing campaign from start to finish, even creating squeeze pages and other crucial aspects if they are missing.  Fill out our application to see if you are a match for our total video marketing service now.

To find out more about how our Video Marketing service works, or for questions about video design, just get in touch.


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